Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Pulling myself back from you carefully
Its not worth it anymore
Emotions strong as always cant loose control
Making my own decisions I have to take hold to what I have been taught
History, my greatest teacher and yet knowing what I know I sit here and still struggle with the decision.
To tell you no
To let you go

Never perceiving myself in this situation I pass judgment on myself
My biggest critic
I cant believe I am willing to do this again.
Jump right in

Seeing the unforgiving eyes and disappointed stares around me I am overwhelmed with the fight for my sanity
My naivety gets the best of me sometimes. My longing to be invincible my curiosity changes my course of movement putting me dangerously in love with you.

But where are you to me?

You are my ultimate oxymoron my "more of "
Connection chemistry my fantasy and reality.

Yet all is based in perception of what I think you to be. Your potential to be.

So where do I draw the line of assumption of growth and who you really are.
How do you distinguish between your love and your hate

Your fight makes me weary and longing for a simpler time
Your relief makes me whimsical soaring in an euphoric abyss
My choices still double edged

So making the decision is easier said than done.
I have chose to walk away

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