Tuesday, November 3, 2009


You wait for this moment it seems for most of your life
Eagerly encouraging always nourishing
For this moment, this precious moment
The anticipation that builds during the split seconds before
The overwhelming joy for what's in store
All for this moment, this precious moment

And then it's here...

Causing the little breath in your body to be attacked violently by your soul
As it desperately grasps to gain some sort of hold
Its wonderful...
And it catapults emotions and it breaks down walls
Releasing feelings that have been held captive
No longer, and now made adaptive

Then over...

Leaving an impression that can not be matched by any other moment in your life.
Making it a permanently attached 
Representation of your dreams, goals and desires
During a certain time, that you did acquire.
For time passes and life goes with it
Always moving changing never remaining.
And the moments become memories.
And the anticipation, excitement and passion become experiences
Experiences that can be applied to future moments for more memories
All for the pure joy of the moment.

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