Tuesday, November 3, 2009

General Blocks

It's funny how perception builds these frames
How experiences shape and form these ideals that become bricks
These bricks are then used to build walls and walls…
Well they serve as border control
Why is it that we often time let our experiences take complete control over the paths we choose
And with this relinquished power, why is it that we continue to make the same repetitive mistakes.
And with this relinquished power, why is it that we continue to make the same repetitive mistakes.
I often times wonder how is it that we can preach to generations the same exact lessons
Y don't they learn from the past
Y don't we learn from the past
As the saying goes there is nothing new under the sun, well if this is the case, why do we continue to stumble over the same blocks
Again and again I try to understand what is it that drives us to want to experience things on our own, and why can't we listen to what we are told
Or better yet, what we know
What causes a child to touch a hot stove?
Is it human hope that causes us to continue to wish for more or a change?
Or is it what we perceive as change that causes us to revolt
Then the question can be proposed is change really change or do we just perceive hidden thoughts
Regardless of the fact that our predecessors have often time fought
This very revelation that we have just accepted was rejected and blocked
Those walls
Their doing their job
U see, because if they weren't then we wouldn't be fighting now
There would be no inner struggle no trouble or tears among rubble
We would realize and open our third eye to the lessons of the past
So I say, cast your sorrows and rejoice in tomorrow
Who cares if it's not promised
The fact that u stand here able to perceive it
Is enough to believe in it
Cause im firing my wall security
Call the wrecking company and tell them to hurry
I have walls that have been holding me back for too long
Im ready to tear down every brick and stand here defense less and vulnerable to new experiences
Letting go of past shackles and chains that are the remains
They shall not remain
I won't let fear of repetition replete me no more
Don't let your ideals block u from new experiences and don't let your new experiences become bricks in ur walls
Im placing a call
to all those who are willing
to stand on lessons that wont fall and on experiences that are just
not that general at all

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