Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Blessings

Often times we reminisce of the past
Longing for it
Strong urges pulsate through your mind as if your heart resided there instead
When reality is
Reality is more times than often the past is the past for a reason
You see I believe the truth is that although you never want to forget the past, cause if nothing else it was a learning experience,
It is these same memories that sometimes hold you captive
While going through a relationship you surround yourself with a wall of smiles, good times and memories and feelings that you believe no one else can make you feel
So when its over
When its over there is the rubble of memories that seem like no one else can ever rebuild
The common mistake however
The mistake that's commonly made is that we often chain ourselves to these bricks so that when they crumble, we collapse with them
Giving them the authority to yank our heart right from us
We must learn that we are the masters of our emotions and rule them with the knowledge that we have gained in the past
I completely understand
I understand completely that this is all easier said than done BUT
If you evaluate that day when you meet and find the person you will spend the rest of your life with
You will realize that this blessing
The blessing you will receive is far greater than the one you want to hold onto
And the bricks that you sit amongst will be reassigned and a new wall will be built in a new fashion that will withstand everything.

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