Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So as I let the rain pour from my heart, I slowly realize that it no longer represents a storm
And as I find refuge in this unique property of life I see the beauty in it all
Washing away all my fears all my faults all my failures
And no matter what, I can't escape it, no ceasing the falls from heaven until it is ready to just stop
I love the rain
Its multi dimensional, meaningful, and functional habits fascinate me
Perception arouses all five of my senses and alleviates the sorrows of the world
It is a release
In each drop I see a life form
In each drop a whole world of possibilities as if trapped behind a glass universe waiting for me
As it connects, each drop of refreshing spirit renews my soul and leaves a finger print exclusive to that Sole part of me
And collectively
Collectively the drops come together to prepare a beautiful recital something like a symphony,
As they glide across surfaces, gracefully leaping across skies to present a one of a kind performance never to be seen
There is something romantic bout it
Something calming and peaceful that plays a repetitive chant soothing all woes
It plays the soundtrack to my life
Its pure melodic tones play an array of notes ranging from a to c minor
And each time
Each time a different composition
A new song to tantalize my ears with an invigorating sound that rings throughout the empty space
Nurturing the seeds of realities, hope and promises
Birthing forth flowers of growth
Creating bouquets of change and new life
Nourishment for my soul

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  1. This is really good and i love the rain too. Poetry is one of my favorite things in life because their is so many things you can write about and connect things to. You can give things new meaning and life when on the outside could be such an ordinary object. Heres my blog if you want to check it out; http://whoneedsanotherlovesong.blogspot.com/