Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So we said our goodbyes some time ago now
And even though I have my feet dangling back in the shallow end of the dating pool,
I still find my thoughts on you
I find my attention robbed of present company and wrapped and presented to you in a daydream.
As a gift to you.
Call it devotion, love or obsession…funny thing is that when I am touched by another, I want it to be you.
I want to command them to stop. Feeling a lack of possession it's as if I have release ownership of me to you.
These are your lips, your hips your thighs.
And there are parts of me reserved only for your eyes.
I missed you since the last breath I took with you
Call me an addict I get high off the very scent of you
Something like a student of your ways I know how you move
I translate your thoughts and can recite the very essence of you.
I dreamed of you last night, and you were so real that I could hear your heart beat, feel your breathe against my neck, see your chest rise and collapse.
When you're away I have visions of your kiss,
Have cravings for your lips
Desires that pulsate through my veins
Urges that scream your name
I wish I could have it... Capture it
Keep it with me always
I would wear it around my neck to have access to it always.
...........To Be Cont'd............

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