Sunday, November 1, 2009


Your asking me to trust again
Your asking me to leave all I have ever known and jump
Head first feet last into a cloud of the abyss
Your asking me to relinquish all my hesitations and inhibitions and let go
Surrender my comfort and relax in the idea of the unfamiliar
Let down my guard and move toward progression and rehabilitation of an organ I formally knew as my heart
Restore my faith in relationships and people and become reborn in the innocence I once knew
You once withdrew from me
And not negatively, but ideally,
Theoretically you created a world that I was comfortable to live in.
Preferably to exists in
And I considered the possibilities you offered
And although my heart said yes my mind said no
We weren't ready
We still had more growing to do
So as you walk away from the concept of us
I understand why but I don’t see how
And my thoughts on me doing the same aren't parallel with your now
My heart refuses to go into remission
Because as I sit here trying to release my hands from the edge I cant let go of these feelings
Theres not a net I can release in
So until then your trust will remain with me and mine with your vision

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