Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How do you learn not to compare the past and future?
At what point do you completely let go of memories and emotions and feelings
And leave all expectations at the door of your new love
Is it possible better yet is it wrong to expect to feel the same emotions of a past relationship in a new one
Connections that were once made relations that were had, intimacy that was felt…
How is it possible to feel such chemistry on so many levels with one and not with the other?
And with that being said does that make him the wrong one because he didn't fulfill the shoes that were left at the door
And as relationships past where do you hide all the shoes left?
Or does everyone leave a pair
I would say after careful evaluation that they don't
But even dealing with those that do some leave more than two
If we build our desires out of our fantasies with a mix of reality at what point do you really see
Is it a constant bias that is permanently imprinted on your heart traipsed across your chest and left in your mind?
Some say love is instant
A combustible overwhelming feeling noted the first time you saw that person
The first time you met
The first time your lips kissed
Still others relate that love is not to be taken lightly and can only be known through time
You two learn to love, you grow to feel an emotion that can not be converted to words
It just exists
Well if you poetically reverse these verses and you will find that I still care for you
More than you ever knew
And if I could I would erase even the very thought of you
So that there is no history or even a memory
No you and me
And we would never have to be
Where we are now
Go back and undo all the actions and redo all the reactions that happen
And stop you from taking that first step
I would be firmer in my answers and oblige my instincts
So that instinctively you would retreat
And who knows what would have happen then
Maybe we would've still become friends
Maybe we would be happy there
Maybe I wouldn't even be writing this poem…
Or maybe it just wouldn't be about your shoes but someone new

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